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SOS Marine is an Australian manufacturing company providing custom-made lifejackets and personal safety & rescue equipment certified to the latest ISO 12402 requirements.

During our 30 year history, SOS Marine has established a reputation for designing innovative products, many with world-wide patents to meet maritime safety challenges from water rescue to high risk marine tactical operations.

Our company has pioneered and developed safety equipment for key markets for the Defence Forces, both Navy and Military, Australian Customs, Immigration, Australian Water Police, Law Enforcement, Coast Guard, Marine Pilots, Search and Rescue Services, Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue, Mining and Construction Industries.

SOS Marine supplies seven naval forces world-wide with our safety equipment. Our company operates in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system.

SOS Marine has won an International Award for Excellence in Safety & Protective Products and an Australian Business Award for Product Innovation.

SOS Marine is based in Botany, Sydney.


Designing Safety Equipment for the Changing World

Defence Force

SOS Marine supplies specialised defence products to seven Naval Forces around the world including 10,000 Life Jackets to the Gulf Region Defence Forces. More.....

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Law Enforcement

SOS Marine is one of the largest design-manufacturers of specialised personal safety , combat and security equipment to the Australian Army and Navy, State and Federal Police Forces, Customs and Correctional Services departments, as well as a number of Government agencies and private security companies. More....

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Industrial and Commercial Marine

SOS Marine developed a comfortable safety style work vest with lifejacket which incorporates personalised safety equipment. Our lifejackets are approved to the rigorous ISO 12402 International Standard. More....

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Search & Rescue

As border patrol and home security have become higher priorities in Australia and other countries, so has the demand for equipment that allows officers to operate efficiently with safety as a major factor. More....

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We design & manufacture purpose-built safety equipment

SOS Marine`s potential customer approaches us with a need that is unable to be fulfilled from the existing products available in the market-place. In response to this need we develop sophisticated and innovative prototypes. More....

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