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Pre-Operation Check List

Your Life Jacket should be serviced annually

Check your Lifejacket or SOS Dan Buoy due date for its annual service.

  • If you are unsure as to when your product was manufactured or when it had its last service, you can look inside the lining or front cover and find the label with the date printed or written on it.
  • Never try to repair a Lifejacket yourself. You could cause more damage and render the Lifejacket not repairable.
  • Each time you don your life jacket you should endeavour to perform these quick Pre-Operation Checks;

1. Check the 33 gm Co2 cylinder is screwed in hand tight.

2. Check the green manual (yellow toggle) firing indicator is in position. (One green indicator, see diagram)

3. Check the green auto (red) firing indicator is in position.(Two green indicators see red auto system diagram) Please note: If cylinder is incorrectly fitted or it has been used it will show red

4. Check the oral tube cover is in the correct position.(see Manual Oral inflation below)

5. Check the garment for any signs of damage.

6. Check webbing for any signs of wear





Red automatic system ¨CYellow manual system


Manual Oral Inflation

Dust Cap in Oral inflation

Dust cap in stowed position

On for operation


Get to know your Safety Equipment- why take a chance with your life?

Owing a Lifejacket or Buoyancy Aid is NOT a guarantee of safety unless it is serviced and maintained.

  • In an emergency there is not time to learn how equipment works. Practice putting on your Lifejacket and making the final adjustments for a tight fit.
  • Practice in the water so that you know how the equipment functions and in particular to get used to the flotation position it gives you.
  • SOS Marine suggests the use of crutch straps with all Lifejackets. It is important that you understand thoroughly your Lifejacket, its features and how to ensure it performs as intended throughout its working life.

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