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Designing equipment for the changing world


The marine workplace landscape is growing increasingly complex

SOS Marine is an Australian company identifying the need to improve equipment capabilities and operational readiness for or both the water-front professionals and marine leisure industry.

Our company provides advanced strategies to the design of specialised lifejackets and rescue equipment that offer a new insight into innovative behavioural and systematic solutions to manage safety and rescue.

The pioneering innovations of SOS Marine`s M.O.B (man overboard) rescue equipment represents a new approach in design methods currently used to become more efficient.

SOS Marine is committted to providing quality safety equipment and doing things differently.

SOS Marine background has shown the capability to provide our clients with a high-level of customisation to enhance efficiency and durability of personal safety equipment for the Defence Forces, Law Enforcement Service, Government, Private or Commercial Marine.

Our record of excellence in the areas of design, development and manufacturing of safety equipment has the proven ability to remain constant by a history of repeated business from many these varied clients.

SOS Marine long-establish Business Management Systems, DNV ensures organisational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality

SOS Marine has manufactured and designed a comprehensive range of products for many varied clients :

Search and Rescue

Purpose design foam lifejackets with specific pouches for their work environment.

Emergency Response Load Bearing Equipment Vests

Special purpose load bearing equipment vests are special purpose designed and successfully field-tested in high density crowds.

Surf Rescue & Marine Safety

Custom designed foam lifejackets with specific requirements for surf rescue missions.

NSW Maritime

Our special designs of a combined a Lifejacket and load bearing vest to suit the working requirements their users. A Horse-shoe style lifejacket was also manufactured all in their colours, navy & red.

Coast Guard / Marine Rescue

Marine environment presents a unique combination of hazards. We manufactured this technically advanced l lifejacket vest which allows mobility and agility to carry out duties with confidence.

Marine Pilot Vest

MarinePilots identified that they work in extreme range of difficult working conditions, both in and out of the water carrying a lot of items that make their jacket heavy, requiring additional physical effort during the ladder transfer at seas. SOS Marine`s objective in the development and manufacture of this vest was to create a new lifejacket suitable for these situations.

Corrective services

This tactical vest is custom designed and manufactured with specific pouches and fire rated pockets.

Northern Territory Police

A special designed Molle Vest made for special operations.

Regional Rural Fire Fighters

Special purpose Fire Retardant 3 litre personal hydration systems, hands-free, has been designed especially for their fire fighting missions.

Mine & Construction

Marine salvage, off-loading vessels and off-shore drilling platform are situations where safety of personnel has always been a challenge. SOS Marine newly developed an inflatable lifejacket with an integrated safety harness. This easy adjustable harness has front and rear lift attachment points.

S.O.S Waterfront Workers Lifejacket

Working in the marine industry requires many specialised tools. SOS Marine developed a comfortable safety style work vest with lifejacket which incorporates personalised safety equipment. This lifejacket vest is technically advanced, lightweight and comfortable and complies to ISO 12402

C.S.I.R.O Marine and Atmospheric Research

This Lifejacket vest has been specifically designed for their special operation made in their brand colour, orange

SOS Marine Innovation

Our safety Dog Vest & Harness is designed to meet and defeat a variety of environmental, occupational and natural challenges that affect the performance of working service dogs. This dog vest can now be optionally equipped with ballistic armour, fire retardant, or mesh harne.

SOS Marine`s innovation of including a 3 litre personal hydration system into the rear pouch of the Police Tactical Vest, St. John` s Ambulance Equipment Vest and SES Equipment load carrying vests has assisted managing workers in a hot environments or if engaged in fire fighting missions.

Dehydration and heat stress is one of the main medical emergency challenges faced by OH&S supervisors.

This simple innovation also assists the carbon footprint associated with bottling and transporting plastic water bottles. Re: The Announcement of the NSW Government ban on all departments buying bottled water.







Last Update September 14 2015