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SOS Marine is continuously identifying and developing new product capabilities to meet current and future needs of the evolving defence force modernisation requirements.

SOS Marine has 30 years of experience and knowledge to provide a comprehensive range of unique products. Our company supplies defence products to twelve naval forces world-wide including 10,000 Life Jackets to the Gulf Region Defence Forces. We are an accredited recognised supplier to the Australian Defence Force.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is one of the largest and most sophisticated Naval Forces in the Pacific region, with a significant presence in the Indian Ocean and world-wide operations in support of military campaigns and peacekeeping missions

Royal Australian Navy

SOS Marine supplies and continues to hold the period contract with the Royal Australian Navy for the supply of Inflatable Lifejackets.

  • Specialised Inflatable Lifejackets
  • Ballistic Lifejackets
  • Fire Retardant Lifejackets
  • Military Lifejackets with 33gram, 45 gram and 60 gram cylinders.
  • UDT Lifejackets
  • Helicopter Lifting Harness
  • Ballistic Dog Harness
  • Inflatable Dan Buoy

Australian Army

Our manufacturing expertise has meant that the company has been able to meet large contracts, such as $3 million to supply large field packs for the Australian Army.

  • Large Field packs Army Hats
  • Medical Bags, Body Bags (cadaver pouch)
  • Dog Lifting Harness

Australian Elite Forces

SOS Marine supplies the Australian Elite Forces with their Assault Swimmer's Buoyancy Vests

  • Waterproof Drop Bags
  • Diving Buoyancy Compensators
  • Load Bearing Vests and Gun Holsters, proven to be suitable for parachuting, fast roping and swimming in the most difficult conditions
  • Pistol Holsters

Australian Navy Clearance Dive Team

SOS Marine works closely with the Australian Navy Clearance Dive Team developing and supplying many specialised diving products.

  • Two styles of Low-magnetic Diving Buoyancy Compensators have been developed for the Mine Counter Measures and Marine Tactical Operations. These out perform the NATO Min Mag Standards.
  • Diver Recovery Vest

Army Bomb Squad

SOS Marine was involved with the Sydney Olympics supplying products for the Police and SAS.




Last Update May 25 2017