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Law Enforcement

SOS Marine have developed a series of award-winning and pioneering safety and rescue products which set them apart for both operational safety and marine professional`s wellbeing.

Law Enforcement

SOS Marine is one of the largest design-manufacturers of specialised safety, combat and security equipment to the Australian Army and Navy, State and Federal Police Forces, Customs and Correctional Services departments, as well as a number of government agencies and private security companies.

Our company functions in a design-assist capacity, assisting customers develop and implement their own custom designs through product samples and prototypes. SOS Marine has introduced new personal safety equipment technology to improve productivity and help to enhance health and safety.

Our customer approaches SOS Marine with a need that is unable to be fulfilled from the existing products available in the market.

SOS Tactical Load Bearing Vest

Today`s law enforcement professionals need purpose-design vests to assist them with their varies missions.

For this reason, we have designed and created the Load-Bearing Tactical Equipment Vests with special features by using the most durable materials not commonly used in existing product ranges.

These special-purpose designed vests are designed to withstand demanding operational requirements, giving the wearer excellent manoeuvrability.


We have designed a load bearing vest to cater for a female employee concerning OH&S for the Australian Federal Police. This required the moving of her equipment from the waist belt to a vest.


This Tactical Equipment Vest is recognised for design innovation with the inclusion of a 3 litre drinking bladder (hands-free) placed in the rear of the vest

Managing hydration in the workplace

This Tactical Vest is provided with an optional 3 litre personal hands-free hydration system which is placed in the rear of the vest rear.

In an emergency situation, there is a quick and easy ability to immediately replenish your teamí»s water supply by refilling the water bladder. By incorporating a water bladder within the rear of the vest has allowed the wearer to have access to quality drinking water while working.

This simple innovation also assists the carbon footprint associated with bottling and transporting plastic water bottles.

Dehydration and heat stress is one of the main medical emergencies confronting OH& S supervisors.

These vests combine a 3 litre hydration and purpose designed pouches which may be custom made depending on your special requirements.

Variations of these designs are also used for by St. John`s Ambulance, Mining Companies and First Response teams.






Last Update May 25 2017