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SOS Marine is an Australian company identifying the need to improve equipment capabilities and operational readiness for or both the water-front professionals and marine leisure industry.

SOS Marine`s M.O.B (man overboard) rescue equipment represents a new approach in design to methods currently used by identifying ways to become more efficient.

SOS Dan Buoy Rail Holder
SOS Danbuoy Manual
SOS Rescue Sling

How to Deploy an SOS Danbuoy

Endorsement letter
Man Overboard Survival Story to Learn - From Just Marine USA
SOS Dan buoy drop from 200ft at 60 knots

How to Look after your SOS Dan Buoy
SOS Marine Rescue Equipment

SOS Recovery Ladder in Action  

SOS Recovery Ladder
SOS Rescue Service 4 Person Life Raft
SOS 2 Person Life Raft
SOS Recovery Ladder
SOS Rescue Equipment
SOS Rescue Laser Flare
SOS Marine Rescue Equipment
Ready to go Manoverboard Rescue
SOS Danbuoy and SOS Waterfront LJ

SOS Danbuoy + 2 Person life raft

SOS Danbuoy, Lifejacket and Rescue Laser
SOS Danbuoy and SOS Waterfront LJ
SOS Helicopter Lifting Strop
SOS Danbuoy
SOS Dan Buoy
SOS Danbuoy
SOS Rescue Service 2 Person Life Raft
SOS Danbuoy and SOS Waterfront LJ

Modern MOB Equipment You May
Not Live Without - By Lynn Fitzpatrick

SOS Danbuoy Brochure


Equipment you may not live without
ASX release - September 2014 - sMRT Danbuoy launch
MEDIA launch the new s MRT Inflatable SOS Dan buoy at Monaco Yacht Show

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