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SOS Marine have developed a series of award-winning and pioneering safety and rescue products which set them apart for both operational safety and marine professional`s wellbeing.

From concept to delivery

Design solutions for the most basic applications to the most complex

SOS Marine`s customer approaches with a need for safety & rescue equipment that is unable to be fulfilled from the existing market-place.

SOS Marine brand of products are endorsed by a multitude of users that work in a large range of applications. Our experience provides us a structured and logical approach to a wide range of design customisation of products, from basic design to the most complex, often unique to the market-place.

On meeting the technical requirements, the product is finalised and ideally the customer proceeds with an order.

SOS Marine functions in a design-assist capacity, helping clients develop and implement their own custom designs through product samples and prototypes that undergo testing in conjunction with the potential customer.

We have the flexibility to be adaptive with designs. Our competencies are aligned with the current and future needs of our customers.

Our company has established strong relationships with some of the world`s leading component suppliers allowing us to provide a large range of variations of quality designed products with "outside the square thinking".

SOS Marine has independently achieved the Quality Assurance level of ISO 9001 certification.

Our products, brands and services are trusted for their reliability, range and quality.

Our company`s strengths lie in our endeavour to retain the integrity of high quality in the development of our unique product range.

SOS Marine leads by design, becoming a leader in manufacturing for the future in the maritime industry, enjoying a world class reputation.

SOS Marine has won an International Award for Excellence in Safety and Protective Products and an Australian Business Award for Product Innovation.







Last Update May 25 2017