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SOS Marine`s new approach in manufacturing marine safety equipment

SOS Marine is an Australian company identifying the need to improve equipment capabilities and operational readiness for both the water-front professionals and marine leisure industry. SOS expertise is in development and manufacture of a wide-range of custom engineered safety and survival products for diversified operational requirements from high risk marine tactical to off-shore situations.

The SOS brand represents a new approach in the design to methods currently used. SOS Marine is one of the few companies worldwide to purpose-design and manufacture safety equipment to suit marine work-place requirements.

With the increasing awareness of Health and Safety requirements there is a need for flexibility and efficiency for water-side workers. SOS assists in having a marine professional comfortable in working around these difficult and dangerous working conditions.

The SOS Marine `one-step-a-head` innovation strategy improves professionals working capabilities. These innovative designs are now being used by the various Australian Waterfront teams.

SOS Marine has also developed and commercialised for the leisure and search and rescue markets two new revolutionary patented man overboard rescue products.

Man overboard (MOB) is the cause of 80% of deaths at sea. SOS Marine developed and commercialised for search and rescue two new patented man-overboard rescue products.

The award winning SOS Dan Buoy & Sea Scoopa provide a new level in operator safety, manoeuvrability and functionality for man-overboard rescue. Both these devices provide a new dimension in safety and functionality for every size boat. These new survival concepts sets new standards and bring to the market-place pioneering ways to respond to emergency situations.

The Sea Scoopa innovation breaks new ground in techniques of MOB rescue. It is very efficient and in most situations the victim can be transferred from ¡°sea to stretcher¡± within 2 ¨C 3 minutes, whilst reducing the risk of injury to both victim and rescuers. The Sea Scoopa has recently undergone extensive testing by the Royal Australian Navy and has obtained a NATO stock number.

SOS Marine`s 30 years experience, teamed with innovative designs, represents a leap forward in developing a new different approach for personnel who require maximum mobility and protection around water.

SOS Marine`s background has shown the capability to provide our clients with a high-level of customisation to enhance efficiency and durability of personal safety equipment.

SOS Marine designs & manufactures safety and rescue equipment to suit varies rescue missions in many demanding climates. As border patrol and home security have become higher priorities in Australia and other countries, so has the demand for equipment that allows officers to operate efficiently with safety as a major factor.

SOS Marine has purpose-designed safety equipment used by:

  • Defence
  • Volunteer Australian Coast Guard
  • Marine Rescue
  • NSW Maritime Services
  • SES
  • Marine Pilots and offshore mariners
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • NZ Search & Rescue
  • St. John Ambulance
  • Dog Squad
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • Queensland Police Diving- Diver Recovery
  • Polair
  • Water Police

Our company`s record of excellence in the areas of design, development and manufacturing of safety equipment has the proven ability to remain constant by a history of repeated business from many these varied clients.

SOS Marine long-establish Business Management Systems, DNV ensures organisational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality.







Last Update May 25 2017